Baidu medical division dissolved into artificial intelligence team

news February 9th, Baidu medical department yesterday evening burst was abolished, through the internal mail today Baidu announced organizational restructuring and optimization of medical business today, Baidu medical division intelligent small e team and thumb team of doctors, transferred to the AI system; medical department construction team into the search company. Other business medical division will be shut down, the relevant staff will be combined with the development needs of the company in the internal job transfer opportunities. After adjustment, the former general manager of Baidu medical division Li Zheng will go to the AI team. In the future, Baidu’s medical business will focus on the layout of the field of artificial intelligence.

in February 8, 2017, to attend the seventeenth session of Chinese Yabuli Entrepreneurs Forum Forum, Baidu Group Chairman and CEO Robin Li said, "the development of Internet plus medical" is divided into four stages, respectively is the medical registration booking service, intelligent diagnosis, gene analysis and precise medical and drug development. In Robin Li view, the first phase of registration and other services technology content is not high, and the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, will redefine the medical industry. For example, in the future, you can help doctors through intelligent diagnostic system to diagnose, through artificial intelligence to collect data for gene sequencing, the use of artificial intelligence methods for drug development and testing. "The most important thing that can change medicine is artificial intelligence." Robin Li believes that with the advent of artificial intelligence in the field of precision medical breakthroughs and innovation, human beings will eventually become the beneficiaries of AI.

in the internal mail, Baidu said, will continue to focus on business development, optimize the organizational structure, to spare no effort to attract and retain talent". And I hope people can in the new journey, continue to uphold the "Simple and Reliable" values, solidarity, redouble their efforts to forge ahead in the future Baidu on the road, the embrace of this new era, to provide more quality services and experience for the majority of Internet users.

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