Xicihutong 76 million 500 thousand yuan owners had bought the domain name xici com

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) news March 24th, 19 this month, Xicihutong price of 76 million 500 thousand yuan to the master, a new home for Jiangsu Zijin Huiwen Media Investment Group Ltd. Xicihutong bought the domain name xici.com was.



: Xicihutong

Xicihutong was founded in 1998, founded by them, the advent of two years have been accumulated over millions of users, after the acquisition of Beijing elong. There are many Xicihutong seems incredible creation, as is the earliest Xicihutong website, the domestic user charges in 2003, charging in adjusted using so far.

Beijing Yilong company attaches great importance to the application of the "xici.net Xicihutong," the relevant trademark 53, and has 47 related domain names including xici.net/.cn/.com.cn.

in the domain name xici.com, eLong company spent a lot of effort. At the time of 2010, eLong has filed a complaint with the Beijing Secretariat of the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center for arbitration xici.com, but the domain name is not used for illegal channels, was dismissed. The domain name xici.com was removed in Canada, the United States, by domestic investors to buy in 2010, in 2012, finally to the Xicihutong name, "said micro-blog was also sent them over ten years of my dream".

with the development of the Internet era, BBS forum has had a peak period, and the forum will be transferred to the mobile platform is also trying to end in failure. This was the exchange club, can not say Xicihutong days after development, Xicihutong former glory or with the purchase of article.

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