National Network letter office to carry out special rectification recruitment website

for further crack down recruitment website peccant chaos, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, promote the construction of network integrity, recently, the national network information office with the relevant departments in the country to start the recruitment website of serious violations of dishonesty "special rectification work.

in recent years, the rapid development of the recruitment website, in the employment information asymmetry, promote employment and other aspects have played a positive role, but there have been some serious dishonesty or even illegal behavior. The National Network letter office before and after the Spring Festival to carry out special rectification recruitment website, this time is the peak of job recruitment, migrant workers, college students will have a lot of attention, the use of recruitment website. This reporter has learned that the object of the special rectification work, including comprehensive recruitment website, graduate recruitment website, industry recruitment sites, such as various types of recruitment sites (including site recruitment channels, recruitment website APP).

National Network Information Office official reports, the special rectification work will focus on "three resolutely": one is the use of the implementation of the recruitment website organized fraud Gang resolutely investigate and deal with the two is the use of the recruitment website; the implementation of prostitution, illegal pyramid Gang resolutely investigate; three is to resolutely investigate and deal with the recruitment website allegedly occurred resort to deceit, improper operation and connivance of serious violations of dishonesty.

the special rectification work will focus on strengthening the construction of the network integrity requirements, recruitment website must implement the true identity of the user information registration, new users must be registered with the true identity information of the registered, no real identity information, must be a deadline to supplement real identity information, there is no real identity registration deadline for users, must be clearly marked in the web platform, and gradually clear off.

National Network Information Office official said that the special rectification will continue to carry out social supervision and exposure, Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center will promptly accept social complaints, timely disposal of feedback. The report highlights include: the recruitment website cheating extortion, fraud; carry out pornography, by recruitment website marketing activities; recruitment website malicious disclosure of user registration information; recruitment website, the default user condone the illegal acts of dishonesty; recruitment sites suspected of false website, false advertising behavior such as resort to deceit. I hope all sectors of the community and the masses to report, jointly resist the serious violations of dishonesty recruitment website. The public can call 12377, mail [email protected], or log on to report the center website complaints.

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