Valley excellent key moment was unknown hacker CC attack

away from the valley of excellent SEO contest ended a week on the occasion, for a few days in the first page of the site attacked by CC, is at the top of the site, when I wrote this article still continue to attack.

Gu Baiyou contest has gone bad, graph king of holding this competition in order to make China SEOER to be able to share the experience of SEO, so as to enhance the Chinese SEOER level, the prize money is very low, but still attract a lot of SEOER to get involved, they not come to for the bonus, but yes, I was to learn.

a group of pictures but the following may make in the game the SEOER







What is the purpose behind the

attack? Malicious competition? Or intentionally destroy the game? I can make nothing of it, on the first page of Baidu’s entry station inside the station, rice did not suffer, may be better on defense.

also hopes the contest can make a difference, even if the outcome of the game is to destroy the attack, but I hope the next competition factors can give full consideration to the various aspects of the game, such as time, because time is the assessment of a site weight basis, with a long weight site not because of a few days the decline of the attack.

article to: Valley hundred encyclopedia reprint articles retain links you should not have life danger.

          editor’s comment: host network activities are designed to provide domestic SEO enthusiasts a chance to learn, such a thing is the most reluctant to see the webmaster network. Adsense network condemned this immoral malicious attacks, please stop the attacker attacks. At the same time, please provide valuable clues to other owners to resist unhealthy atmosphere.

                    Correlation Investigation: the valley excellent contest deadline


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