Domain 114 com transaction price 12 million 880 thousand yuan buyers suspected China Telecom

July 10th news, according to foreign media news, 3 digital domain in the offshore platform’s price to $2 million 100 thousand, equivalent to up to 12 million 880 thousand yuan, this is so far in 2013 the highest price of domain name, domain name for buyers Chinese company.

According to the

whois system China domain name query name, domain name was registered in July 2001, in July 9th this year, a domain name information is changed, the domain name has renewals to July 2020.


map: domain name whois information

, according to informed sources, the domain name buyers are Chinese company, the company through the acquisition of overseas trading platform domain name, the true identity of buyers temporarily unknown, according to domain name speculation may be China Telecom’s acquisition of

for Chinese, the number 114 to a certain extent, on behalf of the "information service platform", 114 information publishing platform, 114 phone navigation information service, 114 directory assistance to provide information for the user.

it is understood that the price of up to $2 million 100 thousand for the domain name is in the past 10 years, the highest price of digital domain name, domain name trademark last week priced at $500000 (about RMB 3 million) caused major concern in the domain name, and transaction price than the quadruple, with great competitive advantage among the warlords.

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