The small shop to survive War domestic home was forced to shut down about 10000 per day


open shop easy, operating online shop is a lot of shop operators feel. Shortly before the release of the Chinese enterprise e-commerce IT construction report shows that about 10000 domestic companies were forced to turn off every day.

industry threshold is low, high degree of freedom, easy and flexible operation…… In many people’s eyes, open shop looks very beautiful". So, the small shop frequently die reason why?

Liu, 24 years old this year, last year after graduation, he and two friends to raise more than 10 yuan, the establishment of e-commerce company in Xi’an, the retail shop of daily necessities, will be difficult to continue operations a year had to give up halfway. Talking about this experience, Liu sadly told reporters, the shop operating rules are not familiar with the situation will be put into operation, is an important reason for my failure."

according to the reporter survey, similar to the shop operators Liu is not in the minority. In recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce, many people only see the tremendous opportunities for online shopping, but the lack of investigation, in the absence of a clear consumer orientation, blindly set up websites or open shop, business difficulties are inevitable.

with a variety of shop spread in Taobao and other Internet retailers, homogeneous management content and formal marketing is more and more serious problems of e-commerce, the increasingly fierce competition, is no longer so easy to make money through the shop.

Liu said, business shop is a snowball process, especially the small shop, reputation is very important, the initial business customers is relatively small, meager profit margins, slowly gather popularity.


reporter in the survey also found that small shop operators part-time, service consciousness, as also usually busy with business, do not have enough energy to take care of the shop, it is difficult to ensure the continuity of supply and service, credibility is relatively low, thereby affecting the sales, into a vicious spiral.

in recent years, popular in the electricity supplier "occupation praise division" and "occupation bad teacher" has become a synonym for network fraud, or even "brush credit" has become the online business unspoken rule, this caused consumers to trust crisis managers. A Taobao staff told reporters that the vast majority of sellers are engaged in "brush credit", some sellers one day can get hundreds of thousands of praise, which can let the customer suspect. Some shop operators even hire professional praise division, the two bundled into a community of interests, common to deceive consumers. A series of acts of fraud damaged the credibility of the small shop, but also accelerated their death".

Taobao mall to sell jewelry, Ms. Lee told reporters that 5% of their online sales to the mall, customer service commission spending of $3%, plus mailing costs, operating costs are not small. Shop only to attract the attention of consumers, goods are likely to sell, so operators need to invest in the shop decoration, as well as the main network to participate in the shop

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