Love how to layout the three or four line of the city

The development of

[introduction] in recent years the mobile Internet makes large-scale low-cost coverage of these users as possible.


Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong reported on January 27th

if you live in a second tier cities, it is likely not to have heard of the masses located in the dating network. In fact, the company has been established for 7 years, from the company’s official sources, its registered users has exceeded 130 million.


and Jiayuan and Lily and other traditional dating sites, destined network started in the mobile Internet, the user group is not a second tier city white-collar class, but mainly distributed in the three or four line of the city and the countryside, including the construction of factory workers, free services, farmers and so on.

why should the marriage site users targeting three or four line city users?

edge network CEO Dong ship to accept Tencent technology interview, said the majority of the user base for living in the community, the demand is very simple, marriage is one of the most important rigid demand. "Grassroots users have strong market potential in dating, white-collar elite but there is more demand and choice, a positioning edge network to avoid and Jiayuan site of the Red Sea competition."

in the Dong ship view, before setting off on Apple’s mobile phone intelligent mobile phone revolution, the three or four line of the city and rural users is precisely China the first batch of mobile phone use the Internet, mainstream user groups rise in the mobile Internet more before using PC and notebook computer. This is the reason why the development of 2007 will be based on mobile phones and mobile terminal reasons.

nearly two years of the development of mobile Internet to make large-scale low-cost coverage of these user groups is possible, Dong Jian said it is also a reason for the rapid expansion of the user’s network of factors.

"mobile Internet to help our customers greatly reduce the use cost, destined network access to a single group of more two or three line channels, and through the filter of product selection, the filter does not belong to the scope of services group." Dong ship analysis, most of the Internet as a traditional user console or QQ chat tool in vertical applications use rate is very low, if the rise of the mobile Internet can provide really suitable for the needs of users of products will spread quickly among them.

their daily life is very boring, very few alternative products, if you can provide a low cost for their use of dating products, will be very easy to be recognized." Dong Jian said.

special product design

of course, according to the characteristics and needs of the user groups differences, but also need to have their own product positioning and design.

First of all,

grassroots users cognitive ability, learning ability and the use of a simple environment, product design should be simple, the core is to reduce their cost of use, learning costs and payment costs. Of course, the needs of grassroots groups is relatively simple, unlike the elite

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