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Abstract: the circle of friends to save the last straw from the public media, reading and attention, the original reward and wide stop advertising has become the most ideal way since the media "stands for money".


Since the collapse of the

WeChat public, it has grown at an alarming rate. According to incomplete statistics, as of January 2015, the total number of public WeChat exceeded 10 million, the number of users has more than 700 million. In accordance with the probability of this calculation: the average of every 70 WeChat users have opened a public account. In the face of increasingly heavy redundant public account, WeChat continues to open, standardized on the other hand, through a variety of technical means and punishment measures.

even so, also can not change the public, the homogenization of serious, low rate, the decline in the number of open reading and sharing, forwarding through red envelopes for turn No one shows any interest in embarrassing point. Among them, the biggest benefit is from the media, the biggest damage is also from the media. With WeChat O2O and social networking to strengthen the layout of the field, the number of subscriptions tend to marginalization. Only a handful of companies will it run into vivid information platform, the vast number of subscription number into the enterprise not essential decorative vase. These changes a feeling to the author: that’s the biggest dividend period blindly follow the trend of the air has become the past, leaving WeChat since the media didn’t have much chance to cash.

from the media age realized in three ways: advertising, micro electricity providers and content to play

from the media can not be realized without advertising, electricity providers and value-added services. By way of advertising has realized: recruitment, soft, wide open, rental advertising; to the electricity supplier realized: Micro mall, sale, new products; to value-added services: cash rewards, content public number push each other and a variety of sponsorship. Throughout the above three ways to achieve, are inseparable from the point: fans.

most from the media, the public is still stuck in the powder, some with content, some activities, some with entertainment gossip powder, all sorts of strange things. One of the most difficult is to rely on high-quality content powder, without professional training from the media is difficult to do this. In terms of how to implement, since the media is the first to take into account the amount of accumulation, as the quality (quality of content production and accumulation of high-quality users) to enhance, has not yet reached that step.

Since the realization of media

nine out of ten comes mainly from advertising. Because the threshold in this way way of cashing the lowest, and can fast money, so for most people to follow. Just a marketing account, when fans accumulate tens of thousands, can be realized in the short term. On the contrary, in order to become more serious and original content of the public number becomes increasingly difficult.

if advertising is the product of the era of PC traffic is king, then the social electricity supplier is not mature WeChat test. The value-added services for people from the media is an utterly inadequate measure. Now from the media who realized the pure advertising is still in a more awkward position: rely on some third party public relations companies or corporate propaganda

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