Standing to say love you is not easy

spent three years as a garbage station, always wanted to do a more formal station garbage station, so in the beginning it was a small team, its own development process, made an integral 08 years the most popular website for prizes.

Chinese home guest has already run almost half a year, the program is their original development, profit idea is better, for the traffic, have been doing quite well, but he can’t flow into a lot of cash. I also because the site is too much, not more effort, from IP has stabilized at more than 10 thousand fall to less than 2000……. Now the search source only: "free girl" "free girl blog" I love you "decreed by fate" and it has nothing to do with the site but is not a great amount of words in the Google home page and hundreds of customer support flow hardcore guess, although Chinese guess is currently unable to profit off the network than I do dumpster specialty income after all, but the site will because the law perfect, only slowly normal website can survive, garbage station may be a French down cripple. So, taking the normal station road is the right way, can do for a long time, but I don’t know, I have always felt that the feasible profit model, why not always think you like money? I was under the lack of energy, the transition period or normal station must go through? Or my team is itself is too general, there would be no planned income? Or are we doing garbage station and normal station, station to the garbage are opportunistic and normal station technology, in addition to technology, also in need of real practical business ability? Team so many people to do stand, really not bragging, not to say a crack7, at least one independent dish can also go to work than others strong. And when it comes to the reality of the business ability, it is really embarrassed to say that exports, and may be a long time to do, every day, only the face of the computer, all of which are related to dementia,


now I can not judge for team reality of business ability or because of other reasons, may be Standers-by see more than gamesters. There are exchanges have progress, and now I am about to announce the basic situation of the Chinese guess customer network, so that we can analyze, the site’s original plan profit model is feasible and how should be adjusted. Those who wish to know the problem or the bottleneck are pointing out to me the confused authorities.

Business advertising platform

1, created a quiz, we use the way of contact, advertisers in the website advertising, guess guest if you guess the business out of the question, you can get some points, these points can be converted into money or prizes. Because the starting point of our low advertising rates, although in a corner of a question click, but because the advertising fees received only 10 yuan, probation people a lot, but to increase investment and not many people do not know because we click on the single issue price is too high or what reason. Or is our business staff to persuade staff but eloquence? Only through Taobao and pat for advertisers, this is a fact, but in addition to this approach, we are currently a young method of dementia webmaster it seems really couldn’t find a better looking for advertisers.

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