Eight ways to promote the site to prevent the domain name was blocked

we often know in Baidu, or some large flow of portal website to promote their own websites, especially Baidu know where the promotion effect is very obvious, but bad luck. Often you want.

personally, once there is a website domain name is Baidu know that before the screen, all hard into the water, then, many users search the Internet webmaster experience, summed up a set of methods, these methods or many owners are aware of, but I take it up, for your reference!

a, the use of Baidu space

I found Baidu know the link to Baidu space management is not very strict, so I often give the answer when I give the Baidu space of an article in the address, and this article will bring you the URL of the website. The results are as follows, the volume has reached more than 4 thousand, because I know the answer to the problem in Baidu is not crazy, so the flow is not much more than 4000, but the effect is.


two, use bookmarks:

I give an example of QQ bookmarks, sometimes, I answer the question using the URL is my QQ bookmark url. QQ bookmark only put a web site.

here is a good thing, if the visitors themselves also used QQ bookmarks, then he might Shundaizhao collection of your QQ bookmarks in the URL, collection volume, QQ bookmarks itself is also very impressive, this, all the webmaster should know.

in this propaganda about my QQ bookmarks (http://s.shuqian.qq.com/824630316/), ha ha! Read this article, the webmaster of the soft paper to help collect the only inside the web site, thanks.

three, the use of RSS polymerization site

or to their own, for example, if you have a blog, you can apply for a Feedsky like I do, and then know in Baidu to promote their own Feed subscription site. For example: http://s.feed.feedsky.com/mmhongren this method is more intuitive than the QQ bookmark publicity, because he has direct content to visitors, visitors disadvantage is if the Feed subscription page to find the answer, may not further open your site, of course, also have advantages, if he feels Feed subscribe to your content is good, may open your own website, or simply subscribe to your blog, increase your subscriptions, basically you can become stable repeat.

four, Baidu know in your Google or Baidu search site, that is, your site in the search engine links.

as I am:

Baidu: http://s.www>

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