The traditional Small and micro businesses on the nternet in those Biequ things

the development and opening of the Internet, creating a number of myths, but also to a lot of entrepreneurs from the exclusion of the Internet into the initiative to embrace the internet. It can be said that now the trend of the Internet so many companies have started a trend which cannot be halted, to pay attention to this one, and those Small and micro businesses are no exception. It is the great success of those who come here on the Internet, and other processes and details have been ignored by the authorities.

although I also just an amateur Internet enthusiasts, but had a long period of time, a Western digital agency webmaster website, so what I on the Internet and those who have the understanding of their own. A few days ago, a high school student who is engaged in communication, in fact, his own business when the boss is the kind of small. He told me that his risk site in Baidu search results asked me how to do, I can tell him the security alliance in the complaint, but when the verification authority has three options: use the domain name information in the email verification, verify the file to download, add HTML tag verification; I say do it directly. He said he was nothing, only into the website backstage, check his domain name, the domain name that is not his own company, asked if he had a FTP account, he said the company will not be given to the network. Peers are clear, my classmates are completely pit, and those who had belonged to him did not give him anything.

in my part-time Internet these times, these things are not one or two, but often see someone complain, and in those small and micro enterprises is even more so. And this time I want to share some of my thoughts and ideas with you. A few things I have stuck by several Small and micro businesses in the Internet often list, of course, in reality there is more to all kinds of problems.

first, pit dad website construction. Now the country’s policy is to encourage everyone to start, so in recent years has also been the birth of a large number of small and micro enterprises, many companies are actually a few friends together to do a partnership, and some even only a boss. In fact, the person in charge of such enterprises in large companies with no difference between employees, nominally boss, in fact, their lives are still very hard to force the economy is very difficult. These are different from those who lived a life of petty bourgeoisie of the large enterprise employees, they need to constantly think about the future, receive new information, but because they can not pass, do not have no food to eat. So these people have heard of the Internet can bring some benefits, so the head of a hot for thousands of dollars for the poor network company website, because he did not understand, the network had a free template maybe a programmer of an artist than a day can give out the money. When the business owner fooled fly. While a money is completely different, what is not said before, this is your reply website can not do these things, then do not understand, can only endure. After one or two years, if the site is well developed

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