How to make the classic soft Wen promotion

for the webmaster and SEO game player, learn to write the soft has importance is self-evident, it can not only increase the site of the connection, also can let the site to get good rankings, but to write high quality soft Wen is not so easy, so, how to write high quality soft? What kind of soft soft, easy to be reproduced? We have the following 5 aspects to talk about the classic soft refining method.

1, fascinating Title.

title in the soft like eyes, a conspicuous title can attract more visitors, so as to increase your exposure of soft in the network, such as "SEO" by how more than competitors, "teach you how to write the original soft", "10 kinds of SEO obtained by net station flow method" these are valuable soft Wen title, facts have proved that I was through this article to bring a lot of traffic.

2, the content of reading value

when a soft Wen has a pair of bright eyes, there may be a lot of visitors are attracted to click, and let the visitor can the static under heart to read your text, and form a reprint, requires a fairly practical value of reading content in the website construction, we often advocate website content is king so, soft Wen is the same, so we write soft article, try to use plain language concise expression we mean to the browsing experience. We temporarily so soft paper have value, more likely to be small websites in.

3, cleverly Reserved Copyright

What is

we write the purpose of soft? I think we all know, just beginning to write text, I always add —-" in the soft back; the source (, please retain the copyright " reproduced, however; now is a plagiarism and piracy era, actually is reserved for less than 10%, it is a poor figure, later, I put the website address of the appropriate inclusion in the soft inside, and the links are retained in the middle, so that it can reach 50% are retained.

4, virgin more welcome

said the virgin here refers to the original, almost everyone is "virgin" plot, whether you agree or oppose, because the original flavor of something more nutritious. The same goes for search engines who also like "virgin"

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