Distressed Hu Ge these years of advertising are white

yesterday, Xiao Bian in the brush when micro-blog saw this –


small series, feeling a little square. Hu Ge’s micro-blog is almost like an advertisement!

look at the comments of users:


is really as small as the same person or a lot of.



since 2015, "Nirvana in Fire" swept the screen, Hu Ge on the corner of Mei Changsu boarded the kylin talent career skyrocketed popularity skyrocketed, at the same time, the endorsement is also received mercy.



according to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2015 to the first half of 2016, Hu Ge will speak on more than 20, large exposure, it is like go to where is Hu Ge.


is one of the most # taking photos at hand Hu Ge # activities, hence the following scenarios: Hu Ge




(Metro Hu Ge)


(Airport Hu Ge)




(Hu Ge on the bus)



(roadside Hu Ge)


(supermarket Hu Ge)

: it’s an ad, it’s Hu Ge.


ox! Said this massive bombardment of the ad, in fact, is not uncommon. Back when a male star was so brilliant, he is – Kim Su Hyon.


2014, a "from the stars you", are sensitive Jun Xi hot China, countless sister crying to marry him. When he is connected to more than and 30 advertising, the degree of Shuabing favorably to Hu Ge now.

But, two years past >

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