How to make use of the relevant search brand create traffic

believes that everyone on the Baidu search in Baidu is no stranger to freely enter a keyword, Baidu below will have the relevant search, the intention is for the user experience, so the user in the search if 10 home page cannot find him an ideal site to do? This time the user has 3 options that is a page, a click on the relevant search, there is a left page, according to a survey on the related search iResearch the ratio of about 20% of the way, so why don’t we take advantage of this flow.

here we give a few examples:

we go to the Baidu search keywords of the Ji’nan real estate lawyer, then we will see these words related to search, 10 related search inside reality period include Cao Jun keyword accounted for 6, in fact, we do not know who Cao Jun is, but since it is recommended by Baidu, then somebody will have to click on so, this time we think back to Ji’nan, if we do this keyword looks like a real estate lawyer little difficulty, but if we do this keywords Ji’nan real estate lawyer Cao Jun? It is not to become very simple.

then we click on the search in the first, the Ji’nan real estate lawyer Cao B, this time is your site will be in the front row, if this time you search or most of them contain Cao words, then search the keywords people there is a chance this time, click on the search, or others point to your site. (pictured below)

this is a let difficult keywords edge simple method, many enterprises even can enhance corporate visibility by using this method, or personal reputation, such as introduced above the people Cao Jun, obviously the lawyer’s reputation will increase, which is called brand

well, said so much, then now the most critical appeared, we should do what the contents of the relevant search is what we want it,

is actually very simple, this software website a lot, you can go to, as long as the hanging brush, the effect is out, so you can use a lot of long tail keywords to increase your website traffic.

is also a Baidu drop-down box, I believe you know a little bit SEO friends are heard for long tail keywords, is undoubtedly the drop-down box and relevant search, since we can do that, then we can also use the drop-down box and relevant search brush, which will bring us create brand flow.

There are many methods of network marketing

now, micro-blog marketing, QQ marketing, forum marketing and so on, which can bring the maximum flow is Baidu search engine marketing, in China, the largest search engine platform, enterprise or individual products is needed to sell through the medium of Baidu. The person you are looking for is looking for you. This sentence is Baidu’s slogan, also body >

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