MVP is not a product but a process

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the same story happened again and again. First, a team has an idea.

then they created a MVP (minimum viable product) that took a lot of time to decide whether or not to add a function. Finally, if the MVP is successful, they intend to continue to burnish the function of the product more complete, better stability.

what’s the problem with that? Why are startups using this strategy to hang out?

problem is that these teams do not really understand the essence of MVP. MVP is not only a function of the product is not perfect, nor is it a product to the market. In fact, MVP is not necessarily a product. MVP is not as long as you go through it once.

entrepreneurs think what MVP is about


figure: entrepreneurs think how MVP is going on

MVP is a process, and you have to go through this process over and over again: the most daring assumption, find the easiest way to verify the hypothesis is established, and then use the experimental results to calibrate.

do products, you will have a lot of assumptions. You assume that you know what is the user’s needs, they love what kind of design, we should take what kind of marketing strategy, with what architecture is the most effective, how to sustained profitability, which is necessary to comply with the laws and regulations. No matter how powerful you are, there are always some assumptions. The problem is, you can’t know what’s wrong.

conducted a post hoc analysis of more than and 100 failed startups, and CBinsights found that the primary reason for the failure of start-up companies (accounting for 42%) was’ no one needs’. Nearly half of startups have spent months or even years figuring out that no one needs their products.

is the only way to find out if someone needs your product is to push your product to the market as soon as possible. When you do this, you may well find that you need to start over. In fact, you may need to re develop the product over and over again.


figure: MVP exactly what is going on

is not just a product development, but when you write a book or a paper, you have to write a lot of drafts, and spend a lot of time editing. When you write code, you need to refactor or even rewrite all the code. Every creative worker, will require a lot of trial and error.

in a trial and error in the world, who will be the first to find out the mistakes, who can have the last laugh. Some people call this view ‘failf>’

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