Uber China’s financing is not over may double to 2 billion 500 million


technology news Beijing time on September 24th morning news, according to "Financial Times" reported that the U.S. car company Uber hope for the company’s business China financing $2 billion 500 million, expanded the company has completed the financing scale doubled.

Uber is headquartered in San Francisco, the United States, the company is in the Chinese market and the rapid pace of the fierce competition, the latter completed earlier this month, a total of $3 billion financing. As the two companies use a variety of preferential subsidies to attract drivers and passengers, the market share of both sides of the argument depends on who can raise more money. Uber Chinese investors include Baidu, while the fast supporters include Tencent and Alibaba.

Uber since June this year has been expanded to $7 billion in financing financing before its valuation China business, the company announced earlier this month, as part of this round of financing, they have completed a $1 billion 200 million financing. Expanding the size of the financing to $2 billion 500 million also suggests that Uber plans to invest huge sums of money into the Chinese market, a region that has long been difficult for foreign technology companies to penetrate.

Uber said this year, the company will invest $1 billion to Chinese market, the company CEO · Telasiwei; Kalanick (Travis Kalanick) as Uber’s biggest potential opportunities, even bigger than the U.S. market opportunities.

, however, Uber in the Chinese market is clearly in a weak position, especially in drops taxi and fast taxi two Chinese taxi software in February this year after the merger. Drops fast now control most of the car market share, and the relationship between Chinese regulators is better, and even began to expand cooperation in legal car project.

Uber investors to the company’s success in the Chinese market, as well as the need to succeed in the Chinese market in order to support the parent company’s $50 billion valuation, there are different views.

just Uber in China when the challenge drops fast, drops are also fast penetration of overseas markets, and a direct investment in the Uber in the United States Lyft competitors and Southeast Asian competitors GrabTaxi. Last month, announced the formation of a coalition with Lyft, allowing their users to use each other’s services.

Uber has been focused on overseas growth since the company has covered 60 countries or regions in the world. However, even in the U.S. market, Uber is still facing a class action lawsuit in California, which could lead to a disruption in its business model – the Uber model classifies drivers as independent contractors rather than employees.

informed sources, Uber parent company still holds the controlling stake in Uber china.

Uber on Tuesday announced the launch of carpool business in Chengdu, this is also the first Uber launched a new service > outside the United States

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