From the Ouyang Suonan using coinage website promotion

yesterday at the forum to see a post "small female characters" seduce "easily move Baidu spider collection", Posts mentioned in the method of using "coinage" to cause the attention of the spider, which is included in the search engine. Mentioned in this article is coined words "Ouyang Suonan", did not say first whether this word is of practical significance. "Coinage" itself is a word in the sea has not appeared word or not often obscure words, can not find the relevant content in the major search engines in the word. Remember pornographic incident, a lot of owners to create a number of so-called new words, such as: Yan door, Chen Guanxi and so on, these new words indeed for many owners to win a lot of traffic.

what good is it to create a new word? Well, it’s because it’s "rare" or "no" or "no". There is no other web site and some of your website, in the search engine keywords, of course, your site will be ranked in the forefront, this is a good way to promote. However, it is important to popularize the new words. A Baidu is not included in the new station, how to seduce spiders? We can learn something from this post, take this post by netizen reprints each big forum, even a forum will send N this post, title unchanged, post in the text of a web site, presumably post in the web site is the poster site. I try to go to site to search these sites, "Ouyang Suonan" didn’t find a post mentioned in the website and related information, then they would understand, I was fooled. The post is to go through the site you want to search, to improve the word in the search engine in the so-called "weight", in order to attract the spider, to achieve its intended purpose.

the merit of this method is that it has a certain effect on the promotion of new sites, it is worth a try. But this method is also only applicable when the early promotion, imagine that you created the new words, how could someone to search this word? Want to use "coinage" to attract a lot of traffic, is certainly not enough, unless you are able to master SEO, rape "spider" instead of the Post said "crazy spider I climbed to the" body ", devouring my muscles".

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