GG PN can really free Wangzhuan cheating

The last time the

published an article on the Google Adsense PIN code for problems, a lot of friends add my Q consultation, a disclaimer here, GG PIN is not approved, as long as the prompts issued, so he will not bother you whether the account is cheating, if he really verified your account cheating don’t cheat, then also sent PIN to you


some time ago to pass the PIN authentication code raise a Babel of criticism of the results, realize the speed mostly normal station, because only in line they are most qualified to obtain rapid verification that, if you are cheating, too fast PIN is not convenient and do not say? You have no corresponding identity information, even if you have the identity information, you dare to verify? Fast PIN GG is through manual review, for we may not see the light of these cheating, not likely to perform artificial PIN certification. Then only ordinary PIN collection, A5 account area of such a lot of advertising posts, the price ranging from 15-30 yuan, or even higher prices. Of course, the lowest price is my business, ha ha, after all, is a hand. For PIN fried so high, many people are not a small sum of PIN is a small expenditure. I opened a special account in the account area, free collection, does not limit any information. Specific can view:

why I was free for everyone to receive PIN, here is the Wangzhuan column, then certainly you have to make money and relationship. As to why this operation, there are two purposes:

first: the account area of the PIN are basically agents of my sale, the address is: Anhui, Anqing…… Although I give the agent price is very low, but they are generally sold to 30/, a higher. This is the first.

second: I said in the first article, I do not ask the price to sell the business to do, but for quantity, communicate with customers, learn more, so I am here to apply for the account generation appeared free PIN, then the agent is not willing, I run, slobber are there, so I just free in the end, PIN walked me forever free


the following is my recent screenshot of the PIN, mobile phone shooting, there may be unclear, to prove the strength.





finally, here I wish you GG Wangzhuan have a better way, I contact QQ:1009738739. Business: on behalf of the application GG account and Baidu account >

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