Online shopping encounter empty parcel sellers come out time and again

there is once a year of "double 11" online shopping spree, online shopping has been very love Neijiang netizen Mr. Duan is not shopping desire. In October 22nd, Mr. Duan bought a router in Taobao, after the receipt of the packaging box is found an empty envelope. Mr. Duan then find sellers in the online discussion to say, did not expect the payment before the seller is very enthusiastic, but this time no longer respond. In desperation, Mr. Duan contact Taobao customer service, but has been unable to contact the manual service. Rhyme Express staff told Mr. Duan, Taobao has a lot of sellers are using empty parcels to deceive consumers.

online shopping router

home is empty box

in October 22nd, Neijiang city in the county section of Mr. Taobao to buy a router, arrived in October 31st. Yun Yun Yun after the company received a package, found the package is very light, suspected empty package, it will be under investigation, and no time to send pieces. On the other side, due to a business trip on the outside, in the online search orders, found that the package has reached the capital, they paid the money. At that time did not think so much, I did not expect to go home to the courier company to take the package, open a look was found to be empty." Mr. Duan then contact the seller in want. However, no matter how Mr. Duan communicate with the seller, the other side did not respond. Mr. Duan and through Taobao’s complaint telephone contact customer service, but many times the call are automatic voice response, can not contact the manual service.

November 2nd, the reporter contacted the Secretary of the company in the amount of Yun Yang express. According to Yang manager, when the courier company received the air parcel post, because the company has not expressly or by air parcel delivery, so it back. "I’ll be in accordance with the express list of a telephone company, to fight each other in the past, a company also admitted that this package is indeed in their hair when the air parcel post, they are also investigating how vendors would shout empty package."

sellers respond to

shipment error full refund

November 2nd, two consecutive days of contact with the seller did not respond to the reply to mr.. "He told me two days ago is not in, but I was when he was online message, people do not want online but why?" said mr.. Subsequently, the seller claimed that the manufacturers shipped the wrong, he did not know. Currently, the seller has returned the full amount of the loan to mr..

"I don’t care about the money, only in the past so many days, no one to give me an idea, let me think? If you encounter this kind of thing, I still dare to buy things on the Internet?" although the goods back, money is returned, Mr. Duan was still angry. "I can also be regarded as an old customer on Taobao, and now there are about 80 thousand yuan to buy things, or the first encounter this situation. If Taobao does not crack down on such behavior, I will let the customer feel happy." Mr. Duan also said that I hope to borrow this lesson, so that the majority of consumers in the online shopping must be polished eyes, >

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