Courier companies preparing for the double 11 Shen Tong led prices rose 5 yuan per ticket

original title: Double 11 incremental STO does not increase the price of each ticket led by 5 gross

not only online and offline businesses hype against "double 11", the major courier companies are playing extremely spirit for the upcoming explosion season "".

yesterday, Hefei STO Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "STO") issued a report on the 2014 at the end of the price adjustment notice "to the customer," said a notice in 2014 November and December for the original price by 0.5 yuan per ticket".

is reported that STO’s price hike will continue until 2015, January. This is the first time the courier companies in the double 11 during the implementation of price strategy.

is a well-known courier company official said on the "First Financial Daily", although "double 11" brought a lot of business orders, but the courier business is difficult to profit from the "increase" generally fall into the embarrassing situation, the future trend of prices is the express company.

Shen Tong led season price increases

in fact, as early as October 20th, STO on the official website issued a "notice" on the stage of the positive regulation of season express price, "said the branches and outlets during the season according to their operation ability, and can withstand a reasonable growth under the condition of specific price adjustment scheme".

newspaper reporter in an interview found that the price situation is not the same in various regions of STO. STO Guangzhou branch staff said there is no news of price increases.

Familiar with

according to the understanding of STO’s business, told reporters that the price of 0.5 yuan per ticket is Shen Tong headquarters to the branch issued guidance, "Shen Tong whole architecture for the franchise model, the final pricing power in the regional branch hands, so each area the price situation is not the same."

STO customers in various regions of the interpretation of the price is also different. Anhui area, a STO electricity supplier, said the customer, according to the weight of the freight, the unit price for the heavier weight of the product, express freight will be much higher.

for STO in the end is the first heavy price 0.5 yuan / ticket, or continued heavy price increase of 0.5 yuan / ticket, informed sources said that the specific implementation of the local branch shall prevail.

SF EXPRESS, rhyme express courier company, said the person in charge, has not received notice of price increases.

is one of STO’s business customers told this newspaper that the express amount of the second half of the double 11 and double 12 big promotion period to go, although each ticket rose only 5 cents, but the cost of freight will still rise a lot, the cost of electricity providers will increase a lot.

increment does not increase

in recent years, the off-season and the season to implement a different price system is the general practice of courier companies. However, unlike in previous years, this year’s peak season ahead of 1>

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