21 specific methods of operating Blog

There are thousands of new BLOG releases every day, but only a few hundred people read them. The yield of BLOG is less and less. Here are 21 ways to try out the first two weeks of your BLOG release:

    first impression

    1 bridges between you and your readers through about pages and greeting words.

    the best way to impress the reader is to inform the reader of your personal situation. Include telling the reader who you are and what you are doing. You can look at the author of Darren ProBlogger, he placed his photos and links on the home page. Of course, you don’t have to put your own photos on BLOG, but there should be a personal file for the reader to understand. This will seem more friendly.

    2 don’t make BLOG look missing.

    don’t post less than five articles BLOG. a lot of new BLOGGER at the beginning of the release of only two articles, and then run to promote popularity. In the BLOG circle, you are selling yourself and your article. If you can’t get people to understand your BLOG theme and what you’re going to write about, why do people want to give you a link or subscribe to your RSS?

    RSS subscription

    3 ensure that the RSS link is valid

    subscription is successful the blood of BLOG, although the subscriber may not help you generate revenue AdSense. But they are the best contributors to your article reviews, and it’s possible that some of them are webmasters, which means more links. Anyone who has released BLOG’s intentions is obvious, but most of the new BLOGGER are not checking the validity of the RSS seed. Some of the new BLOGGER in AdSense revenue, but they did not expect to give the site to do a RSS seed. This is not wise, say simply, the subscriber is a long-term source of traffic, but the short-term income is AdSense.

    4 makes RSS subscription easier.

    submit subscription links to some of the most popular readers. For example, foreign MyYahoo! Google, Reader, and MyMSN, hinale and other domestic shrimp.


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