New help how to promote Korean drama Forum

has always been to do a drama on site, he is a boy, but also the past hope love watching korean. (you do not want to P brick) like the drama in the light of sadness, so registered a domain name, when thinking about the time and energy you can do a website on the Korean drama. But has been due to various reasons, the Korean Web site did not build up. The day before yesterday, took a day to get down. this domain name is too long, it will be out of rust?

under a Discuz, with a default skin, the rest is a piece of data from the major forum to collect data. But this thing really is not a good forum to get ah, unlike CMS, a content acquisition, the forum what content? Early is not on their own a copy and paste? No way, not previously engaged in the forum, totally do not know how to get. Promotion is a big problem in this regard, especially for the forum need to accumulate popularity, there is no fixed user base, where the content?

hope you some advice, on the one hand, entertainment forum how to promote them? Is this way give me a drop of the network in the sea, the water drops a little strength


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