B2B international hotel company is a good network of 120 million yuan to complete the B round of fi

as an international hotel reservation and distribution company B2B, good clever network founder and CEO Yu Zhangtao revealed to the media, the company has been approved by the National Development Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises and merchants capital jointly invested 120 million yuan B+ round of financing.

it is understood that this is the fourth time since the establishment of a good network from 2013. The investment in addition to financial support, the company’s corporate governance structure, financial planning, coordination and other aspects of the follow-up financing to provide support and to be invested in the business enterprise collaborative development.

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investment capital investment promotion bureau vice president Liu Jianfeng believes that the capacity of the tourism industry market is very large, is still in the industrial chain, service upgrade process, good clever network focus on the main business direction of upgrading in the international hotel chain, has very good value, and the company has been in the first echelon of the industry, business model has is the market test, have good development space, good clever network layout is an important capital investment promotion bureau, the follow-up will continue to find outstanding projects in tourism related industry chain.

international hotel distribution industry especially the long-term existence of opaque price, limited access to resources, docking system weak travel market line, good clever network business has greatly promoted the efficiency of upstream and downstream resources docking, reduce the cost and improve the service ability and customer experience." The National SME development fund vice president said history.

public information, good clever network provide hotel resources for domestic travel and business travel company, 55 global inclusion million hotel resources, covering 2000 City, the hotel provides wholesale price for the enterprise, and provide 7*24 hours service. Cooperation in 2016 to more than and 200 suppliers, distributors of up to 6500, with annual sales of up to 900 million, the number of night break between the figure of 1 million.

good clever network core team from Baidu, Tencent and other well-known domestic Internet Co, traditional travel agencies and the field of senior practitioners in the field of hotel procurement. Good team hopes to create a network of resources + experience + service model to enhance the efficiency of the entire hotel industry supply and demand.

said the good clever network CEO Yu Zhangtao, in the hotel booking and distribution in the field, there are many large foreign companies, wholesalers, but for the China market, foreign localization is often not as good as local businesses to better understand customer needs. "Big wholesalers tend to focus on large domestic travel agencies and other distribution agencies, they are not too much attention to the domestic small and medium-sized travel agencies and business needs of the company, but these domestic companies doing free or customized travel arrangements, often there is no convenient and cost-effective good channels, good Qiao provides 55 10000 Hotel inventory wholesale price can meet the domestic distributors, user experience. Whether it is search engine, the operation of the interface experience or after-sales and follow-up services, we understand the needs of domestic travel agency distributors."

2016 tourism market share of about 60 billion yuan, while the last 15 years, the average annual outbound tourists increased by an average of $18%. With the increase in the level of consumption and booking unit price, free travel

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