Wu Feng webmasters do the most efficient network promotion

"before doing battle winner, may also be more; before doing battle is not a winner, very little. A number of wins, less is extremely, "no calculation at all? I see in this view, the outcome." Sun tzu. "The art of war" when everyone presumably read, you know, before the war, carefully discuss war plans, the full measure of the favorable and unfavorable conditions, after the war will tend to win; if before the war, can not carry out thorough discussion, very little analysis of the favorable and unfavorable conditions after the war. Fail to plan wins, the less we plan, not to mention before the war plan? According to the grandson of speech visible, there are plans to do things that are so important, what after comprehensive plan, will make it better.

now let’s webmaster, seemingly quite busy all day, but often a day off, even their own "Mongolia", do not know exactly what some friends busy, it is felt that "eyes closed and opened, the day passed". Just to work, and Wu Feng said the company’s senior general, do things in the company, working in the three ring node to do, then you can get things done very well, the three ring node is defined in the scope of work ", develop" work in progress ", often" monitoring work ", Wu Fengxue. Project management, project always don’t want to say 2 words, because the one mentioned" project "2 words, everyone heard Tiger color, feel the project well, like each of the Three Gorges project, in fact, our normal life and work, to do to accomplish things whether big or small are as a project plan for what to do and will do better, network promotion is no exception, every year, every month, every week, every day to develop a good network promotion plan in the implementation process, constantly monitoring the effect, According to the good or bad adjustment promotion strategy, can let you work efficiency is higher, the promotion effect is better.

Wu Feng personally don’t love theory textbook like things, more love with their own experience and everybody to share, because usually is mainly to do network promotion plans to use the Google calendar, today to Google as a network promotion planning tool, and to share with you how to develop network promotion plans to use the Google calendar, here to remind everyone that tool is dead, people are living, tools are only tools, as long as you are willing, execution is good enough, use Notepad, EXCEL table can do well. Microsoft Project project management software development team, they use EXCEL table to do the work plan, the effect is very good, do not be too surprised to hear, tools can help you do things better, but it does not mean everything.

let’s take a look at Wu Feng’s personal network promotion plan for example. If you have a Google account, as long as the opening of the Google calendar function, you can use the Google calendar to write their own network promotion plan. Look at the following figure, the network promotion plan is not at a glance, the red line above the stroke is a week of the overall network promotion plan, under the red stroke line is the daily net >

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