Network marketing promotion strategy system analysis two

    choose what B2B platform suitable for yourself?

this question many people ask, and repeatedly asked, a method to do is go to the forum post asked, what good or some other Alibaba in the B2B platform, and how foreign B2B platform? There are Korean, and some Middle East platform. So which one is better? At the forum also varies, but also according to different industries, different companies are not the same, but there will be some small domestic B2B platform at the forum, he will take the third party identity to say, I used a certain number of platform. How much do we list, such interference, so the forum has a certain effect, but not sure.

in the end what is the method, we can do the following.

You go to the

1 B2B platform for related products, see you looking for related products have reached a saturated state is too much competition? If you do MP3, turn to page 20 30 page is the gold medal of your customers, your competition in this industry is very fierce! So you have to consider you are not have the advantage in the competition here, or you choose this platform you can see what levels of products, otherwise you will give up this platform. This is the search platform competition.

2 you can search the platform buyers inquiries, there will be a number of buyers directly publish the demand on the above, in addition to the Alibaba, the other platform buyers will be more difficult to determine the judgment.

3 has such a phenomenon, is a Korean platform, I have registered in the above, one day in Shanghai. The customer service call, asked me how in their platform enquiries, orders? I will answer it, so I want to hang up the phone, she went to the bottom is not the platform of customer service personnel? I think about it, I also remind you that if you do not know the benefits of this platform, you can use this way to ask some friends to do a platform, ask if they have effect. Value is not worth doing.

There is a

method, is the search engine, because some of the B2B platform is also doing optimization ranking, you look up a main keywords in the search engine industry, whether the top few B2B platform is what, if you see there are so few B2B platform in your industry, you still have the flow guarantee. So this is also the way to choose. You can choose another search engine advertising to identify, for each B2B platform will do a certain amount of search engine advertising, GOOGLE or YAHOO advertising platform, you can go to search keywords, of course, there is still a skill, for example in the key words, you are in Chinese not to see, because the GOOGLE is based on the geographical to display ads, so you can’t see the China in advertising, you can use some agents to see in the United States have these search engines.

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