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According to the operation mode of

e-commerce website can be roughly classified as following: first, prepare the listing and can get a lot of money into the big brother; second, to get a lot of money into the small business. The former is more capital operation, so no need to profit, but the small and medium-sized enterprise business naturally can not bear this play, so it needs to use more combination of promotion, to ensure that they can survive in the wave of electric business, which is the focus of today to share.

today’s topic is divided into two parts, the first is to promote the construction of the electricity supplier website before, it can also be called preparations. During this period, we must do a good job in the three part, the first is the construction of the user experience. For example, the website of the product description is accurate, words are words correctly, the payment is complete, the distribution method is complete, customer service system is normal or not. This series of things are closely related with the user, interact directly, to trust the site, should not be underestimated. The second is customer resources, also known as customer resource maintenance, such as holidays for the customer wishes SMS, regular customer visits, organize monthly according to the customer’s feedback activities, anyhow should do everything possible to deepen their impression in the minds of customers. That is, the construction of marketing resources, including the chain of resources, QQ group resources, micro-blog account, external blog training, all the resources needed to be used in the latter part of the promotion in the early stages of preparation.

say about the promotion of the site in the implementation of ideas: in the electricity supplier to promote the most common is the promotion of the festival special events, in order to month as a unit, the work will be refined to weeks, even days, implement. For example, in order to promote holiday activities, for example, we will start planning in the first week, and the design of the active page. Second weeks and third weeks to promote the implementation of the promotion, mainly divided into two pieces: free promotion and paid promotion. Free promotion is the traditional SEO, BBS promotion, QQ group promotion, blog promotion, etc.. Payment promotion includes SEM, micro-blog forwarding, local portal hard wide, etc.. Then we will do a good job in the fourth round of assessment, which includes traffic, trading volume, the amount of the transaction, the number of registered members, the amount of five aspects of user advice.

finally to say is the electricity supplier Website Trust, website now numerous, fake commodities have encountered with many times. How to solve the electricity supplier website trust problem has become a major difficulty, many business enterprises in this regard, our usual solution is divided into three parts, the first is to enhance their own professional website, including website content quality and payment etc.. Second is to improve the site’s exposure and credibility through the brand soft Wen, the third is through the quality of customer service, enhance user reputation.

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