Discussion on the network marketing of hair loss hospital and the marketing of Baidu phoenix nest

half a month ago, I belong to a strange combination of circumstances to enter the medical field of network marketing. Up to now the website hair transplant center of Changhai Hospital Changsha hand also made a period of time, time is very short, but the leadership is required to see the results as soon as possible, which is the growth of traffic. A little pressure.

the current situation is that when I took over the site has done several months of Baidu bidding, PR1, 20 included Baidu, Google included more than and 100 article, last updated or five months ago, in June, a lot of keyword stuffing, and described as keyword, now I cut some slightly. Links just a few other cities and similar research done, not how to do.


exchange links, PR1-3 has released some pseudo original, add to the picture of the ALT label in the Sohu, Baidu, Sina, Tianya open Bo, in the hospital website following the addition of the zblog blog and network ASP hair loss alopecia Hunan forum. Created a special advertising picture (personal feel the visual effect is very good, you can see www.0731dh.cn Changsha), then put the navigation network collected dozens of Hunan Changsha local information forum, set the picture and advertising picture sign.

wanted to do website strategy, or to a relevant industry portal, but now is not successful, is not good for the cost, it is not my own money burden.

is now doing Baidu bidding, great fluctuation in December 1st the original phoenix nest adjustment, one hundred or two hundred daily visits, now the lowest fell to 30, a consultant for Baidu to come to say, is a part of suspended ideas and plans, these days gradually opened, will soon recover. There are hundreds of keywords are set up, a little worried that their colleagues will be a little busy with Baidu consultants set

specific keywords set a number too much, two is now not familiar with the need to slowly familiar with the ability to start to adjust, do not touch it.

I refer to a lot of articles, comprehensive consideration, combined with the actual situation of hair, I think we can take the following marketing strategy:

1 opened 400 telephone propaganda in Hunan province to carry out free advice to public examination in patients with alopecia, alopecia preventing knowledge popularization, common symptoms of alopecia, maintenance of common sense. Establish public image and brand.

2 QQ group in view of life, influence, communication is easy, open 10 QQ, with Hunan Province group, QQ group message intensive bombing.

3 make special advertising pictures, put on the forum signature position and head, for potential publicity and enhance brand awareness.

4 questionnaire survey: Online award survey. Questionnaire to set the data, master the patient data, a contact, to achieve the purpose of treatment. Clinic appointment. Lucky draw.

5 hype hotline: because the patient to the doctor

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