12 days to raise wheat geek broken million led the development of wireless power supply technology

recently, Taobao congregation raised platform called a wheat geek wireless power supply products with no remarkable speed completed the two week break millions of the public to raise the amount, more surprisingly, the startup no contacts, no experience, almost all of which is a graduate of young entrepreneurs.

wireless power supply technology has been regarded as black technology, this technology has not been product. And this from a Beijing man named F San Will startups in the Taobao congregation raised platform launched a wireless power supply technology products, quickly attracted many technology lovers of all ages, in just 12 days, the congregation raised the amount of break a million, showed that the technology of the thermal degree may have no less than VR the UAV and other popular industry.

This is called

wireless power supply platform wireless power suit wheat geek "a desktop, which is the core of a circular power supply base, as a wireless power supply terminal, power supply is the initiator. Other also includes a wireless power aromatherapy machine for mobile phone wireless charging function of the mobile phone support, a beautifully designed, and there is a case of insulation to about 50 DEG C for drinks at heating cup mug.

The wheat

has completed the wireless power technology geek products, and this technology will be integrated into all kinds of electronic products, 3C intelligent hardware and desktop appliances. Has launched a wireless power supply kit geek wheat includes the wireless power supply, a series of products in cooperation with the upstream vendors to build, such as the constant temperature of 50 DEG C and mug wireless power aromatherapy machine etc..

think about it, after our side of electronic equipment, electrical appliances, you can take along with the release, do not need to connect the power cord, charging line can be used and charged, will be what kind of scene!

may be driven by this start-up companies, wireless power technology will be faster into our lives, become the next science and technology industry tuyere!

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