Fresh food dispensers of mobile providers U completed 30 million B round of financing

news March 30th, fresh food mobile "U manager" to complete the B round of financing, the amount of financing more than 3000 completed by Wan Meijin, Feng Shang capital and capital today together.

is one of the few pieces of blue electricity market with fresh, high back rate and high customer stickiness, high margin has attracted the major electricity supplier to come to the competition. According to data from the Alibaba Research Institute, the network of fresh transactions accounted for 1% of the total value of the total circulation of the field, there is a lot of room for growth. But relatively, how to solve the high cost of logistics and distribution, SKU is also a major problem plagued the major electricity supplier.

"we practice in the past, the discovery of the first generation of fresh food business, in the matching mode of supply chain, generally made with a long way to solve the radius of logistics, commodity short radius error, U dispensers adopted innovative supply chain solutions with different modes of supply chain to solve the different attribute the goods, to improve the efficiency of." Wang Haihui believes that for the fresh food industry, traps and barriers are mainly reflected in the supply chain. The supply chain is too long, the loss is high, and the fruit in terms of each layer link means a packing cost, a transportation cost, a handling cost and a loss, up and down, in and out. This is why many consumers believe that the fruit is very black, the price and the final price will be 3 or more times."


specifically, U dispensers do, is to match the different solutions of the supply chain of goods of different properties. It is reported that more than 60% of the fruit on the platform is to order directly from the origin to the warehouse transportation forecast, resulting in orders delivered to the customer’s hands, to reduce loss of the supply chain; in addition, the U system is currently taking three-dimensional supply chain manager focus + distributed, using pre warehouse model to solve the high frequency variety of customer needs.

According to the data provided by the

team, within the outer ring of Shanghai can be 1 hours of service (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and fresh snacks), pre warehouse stock rate control in less than 5%, the loss rate of about 1.7%, the inventory turnover is 2.1 days, the front 30% positions have begun to profit. In addition, they are also the first domestic furniture production "four zone distribution" (hotlinked, cold chain, cold storage and room temperature) mobile ability.

On the front of the

flow for U, the shopkeeper and our previously reported "spell Haohuo" uses the same fight mode, the aim is to add in the electricity supplier on the basis of social and game property to attract public participation. Zhu Pengcheng said, third days on the line to break the pattern of the group broke through the 4000 single / day, after a breakthrough of 10000 single / day, the market share in the southeast market is the industry’s first."


team, in charge of the front-end module includes market, procurement, operations, sales in the shop No. 1 to Pengcheng before King Hai Hui is responsible for.

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