The two venture Liang Weiping to death and health he wants to subvert the second hand housing broke


Liang Weiping has never had the idea of retirement, he described the venture as "to die".

once again met Liang Weiping in Beijing, which can live off the selling price of $267 million 58 city has been 9 months. Anjuke incorporated into the 58 city, Liang Weiping quit, have to lament the onlookers, after all, the company was founded 8 years in Shanghai was so close to the listing of Internet Co. But Liang Weiping is very calm, a lot of people say that you sold off to 58 that is not successful, that is your idea, it does not matter to me, because I do not define the definition of success."

live off after the sale, Liang Weiping rest for 10 days and then began the two venture, the founder of real estate O2O, a home, this time, he claims to subvert the second-hand housing brokerage industry.

What is

doing for 9 months,


"seal some roads"

an home is a second-hand housing sales APP, compared to live off the flow of information models, a home intended to run through the entire chain of second-hand housing transactions from the band to see. Similar looking room APP is not uncommon, such as rent, lovehouse Q housing network. But in Liang Weiping view, the existing real estate APP did not change the user experience in the second-hand housing transaction process, but in the form of packaging into the internet.

in accordance with Liang Weiping’s vision, a home use data analysis to provide users with accurate housing recommendations, after the broker to do is pure service". He put the difference between the traditional intermediary and a home by taxi and limousine analogy, the home will do is not only to help users find the house, but the enjoyment of the service.

so how to do precise push Liang Weiping answer is the first, we will be based on your home in a visit to the trajectory of the structured data, second requires that our people are very smart to ask questions. The question is not how much of your annual income, but what is your hobby? 5 questions, we may be able to put the person’s "portrait" basically drawn out. Third, model matching. We will classify the houses, classify them, and then connect them. You will find that, in fact, people and houses are portraits, there will be a matching relationship."

how to change the sense of service of brokers Liang Weiping from the concept of the company, staff training and assessment of three aspects. In the concept of the company and staff training in the service of thinking, in the evaluation of the high praise oriented, on the one hand and performance linked, on the other hand and user evaluation and other hooks.

business again involved in real estate transactions, Liang Weiping is still not willing to follow the opponent’s low-cost strategy, to reduce the Commission, "our commission will receive 2%, even in the future I hope to receive 3%, because we firmly believe that the real estate brokerage is a service industry, we have to prove is the broker to provide service is valuable".

Liang Weiping summed up the road to death

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