New ideas for the development of local industry and advertising

is a prefecture level city on students, on campus, on education website for two years, has worked hard in electronic commerce, community forums, discounted consumption, education, although there has been no money, still have two years experience for everyone to share.

in any field can be bigger and stronger, but the reality of our combination here, I think only in the recruitment and advertising revenue. The annual college entrance examination of an area over a period of time, generally have dozens of private college admissions enrollment in the local. These institutions are advertising budget, for example, I know a school in the local television stations, newspapers have put a lot of advertising, online media than newspapers and television is more suitable for advertising and advertising. We can do a recruitment channel above the site, put some of the introduction of the school, mainly as much as possible to collect information on local schools, including school profiles, professional introduction, school news. This can be used in Baidu news search, search and other related content of school Qihoo ask. The site for these private colleges open topics, as banner ads, the best advertising is an advertising on a number of schools, so that students have more choices for users of advertising is not very strong, I know the school can accept the.

another channel is a recruitment agency, with the college enrollment, secondary school and some local universities are not well-known in these schools is difficult to recruit people to accept this way of recruitment agents, and considerable commission. As a local education website can be used to provide grants to attract students through the website registration (refer to the Nanchong campus network, anyway, grants are in the long run, the webmaster don’t worry about it.

brand advertising revenue depends on your website, there are now some campus forum advertising is a monthly fee, such as campus Monternet etc.. There are some students want to do business in the market, we can put the ad is divided into a number of small advertising to sell, like the above admin5. Only we actively think of ways, but there will be income.

said: This paper underline advertisement and recruit students need the media force of the website, next time I told you how to create media influence. Webmaster friends willing to create more revenue through the site,

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editor comments: Admin5 thank you for your contribution! In fact, in any field can be bigger and stronger, the author’s ideas and reference value is very strong, you are ready to do a local website friends may wish to try!

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