Why is the existence of marketing numbers a good thing

do not know how many people in the light of the reader, but also Cao Zheng’s readers.

in November 30th, Cao Zheng sent an article called "you are watching, others in the collection of money".

I think if you read this article, some experience on "experience on this matter through marketing".

Cao teacher said, taking advantage of the marketing has three kinds:

first class, businesslike, class second, class third, entrainment contraband, roll up their sleeves and grab the direct bonus.

I really think so.

The structure of

business circle

all live well, always have their own business model.

traditional business school classes, always avoid to discuss political and business relations, business interests.

is now engaged in private companies start the company, it is inevitable to tell you to update the social circle, to engage in some different industries, cross-border resources to do connection.

in fact, the existence of the number of marketing, at least means that a product, has the possibility of commercialization.

if there is no game in the online game business, then the game must not have a good economic system, enabling the parties to benefit.

so, even like "WOW" in this game, the power leveling, gold group, in trading these things never less.

so, when the game was said to be a businessman from the game, the game project team will be very worried about the collapse of the economic system.

in fact, if you do not engage in this industry, you may not understand, is there a businessman in the middle of the game company is a good thing?

if there are no businessmen in the game, whether the company can make more money?

actually…… The presence of a businessman just means that the game has a huge bonus to make money, it means that the game is a lot of memory demand, and the official may not be able to meet the needs of the time or is not intended to meet.

otherwise, who would be able to make a deal without money?

The establishment of

on Saturday I went to a friend’s project, his speech, referred to the cognitive changes of his own, and referred him to the University for a period of history — one of the grand card merchant early, the earliest Taobao 5 diamond seller one on, selling cards sold 5 drill sell home, the reason later quit, because the supply side began to excess, play down the profit is too low, but playing professional Internet cafe owners and dealers, the individual game player here, done better.

business circle plainly, the innermost layer, the layer is the business model between businesses and consumers, the middle layer, consumers and their partners of the business model, the outer layer is between the company and the partners of the business model.


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