Baidu leaked celebrity privacy Sa Beining Zhang Ziyi was human flesh search

movie "search" hit soon, a reality version of Baidu leaked user privacy began staged farce. In August 25th, micro-blog users claimed that Baidu can search out the famous host Sa Beining ticket orders, including Sa Beining’s ID number, mobile phone, Alipay and other sensitive information. Some netizens even found that the trip ticket coincided with Sa Beining and Zhang Ziyi become attached to the time consistent, speculated that two people are in this flight journey to success in hand.


: Baidu Sa Beining found friends broke the booking information

as the master of the user data search engine, Baidu has been a human weapon, said its search technology is considered to be the industry, chicken reptiles". When Sa Beining and Zhang Ziyi romance rumors normalizing, users through the Baidu search information about Sa Beining, but did not expect to find Sa Beining ticket order page. The order page shows, Sa Beining flew in mid May 2011 when riding in the first-class cabin, it is he and Zhang Ziyi were soon broke duguyi time.

for Baidu search personal booking information, technical experts told reporters, on the one hand is the existence of loopholes lead to the order page ticket website, search engines; on the other hand, Baidu mastered the huge user search data, should be properly handled and shielding similar orders, website and other sensitive information, to avoid being malicious criminals use.

has also issued a rejection of Internet users search for human flesh, so as not to cause the film "search" mid autumn blue tragedy. Until now, Sa Beining and Zhang Ziyi did not respond to the matter, but his ticket data can still be found in the privacy of Baidu.

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