The difference between 4 different content marketing and social media marketing

: recently there are a lot of background by Nene buddy message asked, what is the content marketing, content marketing and social media marketing, what’s the difference? Before online often Nene asked, today we will simply pull this topic.

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even if no friends ask, also feel necessary to discuss the Nene, because vocabulary is the starting point of thinking, can control the speaker’s thinking and logic.

is the symbol of "super super creative" this book has a view of the words right above the right to speak, Nene feel very reasonable. Heidegger, a German philosopher, once said, "only words can make an object appear as it is, and therefore let it be present."


within half a year ago to remember, Wei Wu Hui teacher as chief content officer industry evolution experiment "do the opening speech, and have Wei held on this topic exchange, we had a consensus is both have in common, but there is essential difference. Wei Wuhui suggested the use of social media marketing concept, because the main battlefield of content marketing in social media, in addition, the concept of social media marketing has become universal, will greatly reduce the cost of user education.

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in the twinkling of an eye, content marketing has become one of the most popular vocabulary in 2016.

is called "content marketing", which refers to the behavior of the enterprise through continuous production and operation of high quality content to achieve marketing objectives. The social media marketing is a marketing behavior, which is based on the design and implementation of social media, although there are a lot of overlap in many aspects, but in fact, very different.

produces different backgrounds

social media marketing is accompanied by the emergence and development of social media, which originated in the PC era. Social media dispels the monopoly and authority of traditional media, and through their own interactive and easy to spread the brand and marketing in the way of thinking and methods are different from the traditional media.

content marketing is more corresponding to the mobile Internet era, with the rapid development of various types of media, consumer information selection in the channel and volume are too rich, which leads to a variety of traditional advertising as a way of marketing flow entrance begins to fail and must be constructed through the content and relationship between consumers and enterprises to create value.


depending on the positions and vectors of different

social media marketing is the main position of social media, may be the company’s own dual micro, may also be the use of a variety of external social media.

and content marketing position is rich, can be a social media, can also be the traditional media, can also be the official website of the enterprise, and even include

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