When marketing everywhere social media can not save

introduction: one of the hot spots are produced, and quickly disappear. When more and more hot, dizzying, and people began to focus more and more numb marketing.


over the past few years, I have been observing the evolution and development of marketing on a variety of social media platforms, and participate in. From the forum to micro-blog, and then to WeChat, we have experienced at least three generations of social media changes and changes.

and most recently, my observation and reflection gave me the most real feeling is that the power of social marketing is declining, and even face the risk of failure.

social media has all fallen

in 05, 06 years, in the forum to write a soft paper to do a marketing implant is a very easy thing. Because, at that time, the atmosphere in the forum is still relatively simple, many companies have not yet realized the value of word-of-mouth marketing forum. And after 07, 08 years, more and more water into the forum, website administrators and moderators of hard struggle with "Navy".

but do promote the strong demand of social marketing in the enterprise, a large number of this forum in the emergence of some automatic posting software was developed. Thus, the forum spam advertising more and more, the forum ecological destruction, people began to flee, the forum began to decline.

then, in August 2009, Sina became the first open micro-blog services portal, which opened the era of micro-blog led social marketing. While micro-blog is almost repeated the decline old forum, a large number of enterprises and the government micro-blog settled, a large number of marketing account in the interests of the driver by batch manufacturing, Taobao is the emergence of a large number of micro-blog powder and forwarding comments businesses, tens of thousands of zombie accounts are marketing software company manufactured.

in a lot of users worry about a month can not grow 10 fans, spent $10 on Taobao will be able to direct up to 10 thousand zombie powder. While Sina micro-blog vigorously push the work and support, more and more enterprises into account micro-blog, and its position as the mainstream of social marketing, a lot of good morning good chicken soup and enterprise product news, through special operations personnel every day micro-blog continues to be made, and sends their fans.

micro-blog began to be enterprise, media, government, marketing account completely occupied, micro-blog ecological destruction, people began to flee.

today, as the day of the WeChat seems to be on the road. Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary users, WeChat is just a social tool, but in the eyes of many companies and marketing companies, WeChat now seems to be a social marketing platform.

WeChat public number, circle of friends, WeChat avatar, signature and even the circle of friends album cover, etc., have begun to be completely developed into

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