The characteristics of the four website promotion methods

now small and medium enterprises have their own website, but most of them are not fully aware of the importance of the website, many enterprises have brought orders to use the Internet to promote themselves, in the network marketing, Yang Tao "ten enterprise website promotion method" in the text, with as many common promotion methods, but each promotion method what is the difference and characteristics of these, in the promotion of time must pay attention to.

a classification information website promotion

classified information website called classified information website, in the promotion of all the methods, only in the classified information website can directly release information, which is classified information website promotion characteristic different from other methods may be the most obvious, from the perspective of business, direct advertising, can accurate regional city level.

two, Q & a website promotion

common quiz website with Baidu and Sina know to ask, is mainly composed of questions and answers, and answer the title reflects the content is relatively small, can stand in the user’s point of view to promote, as far as possible the language of the user to ask and answer, can refer to the name of the web site or web site.

three, blog website promotion

blog coverage is relatively large, after the forum, strong operability, propaganda and promotion to the user and the enterprise and the three party can take multiple perspectives, links, also can use blog group to do SEO promotion, suitable for soft or business presentation.

four, forum website promotion

Coverage of the

forum is the largest, can be refined to the industries and regions, operability is not strong, and promote in time to pay attention to the competitor’s attack, the main role of the Forum promotion is used to enhance the visibility and let everyone know or understand this thing, now the big forum Shenhe relatively strict, usually with links will be deleted, can promote the use of implantable.

There are many methods for

website promotion, enterprise how to choose the suitable web promotion method, network marketing, experts suggest it is best to understand the comprehensive and systematic network marketing content, then according to the characteristics of their own enterprises to choose, after the early small batch test, if the amount can be added a lot of good effect in the promotion. To pay attention to the monitoring and assessment of data generalization.

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