You look great The Eight mmortals Crossing the Sea recount how fun from the media

from the media do not know when to start the fire up, it seems to be springing up, look at the large and small groups, many of the owners, began to speak for themselves, to start their own star road.

from the media in the form of many, such as the common micro-blog, blog, QQ space, WeChat, or web site, community, etc.. Since the media form so much, what to choose which way? The so-called The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, see God is how to choose


‘s only choice is the portal


is the choice of community

Lu Songsong’s choice is blog

Feng Dongyang’s choice is blog

wood spring choice is QQ space


option is WeChat

Qinglong old thief

may not only for very early, but with the SEO one hundred thousand why DiCaprio, a SEO entry required reading materials. SEO one hundred thousand why is the more practical dry cargo dry cargo. Seowhy started to engage in the forum, followed by questions and answers, slowly do up. It may be possible to rely on training and services to make money. At present, the content of this portal is relatively full, SEO, electricity providers, APP, and many other aspects.

God renruqiming, often share some money dry cargo. But the so-called money does not make money, in fact, he did not know, marketing is similar to Taobao’s early model. Taobao early always share some white-collar part-time open Taobao make money; a student in the dormitory to earn tens of thousands of laid-off workers to start a Taobao made a lot of money, regain confidence in life, and so on. The marketing strategy and the like, recently conducted a mask by selling electricity supplier training, this project can be said to be a win-win. Specific who won, we all thought.

Lu Songsong can be said to be all in the eyes of God, do blog for a long time, to share some of the main owners of such information and optimization techniques. Traffic is relatively large, previously may be mainly rely on advertising, and now has recently done a VIP class, relying on fans to make money. Zgbog is used, he made the blog should be the historical reasons for the decision, it may be time to compare fire ASP. But the site’s mobile terminal support is not good, so do a PC client, a WAP client. Overall, starting early, taking advantage of the blog is now estimated that it is not necessary to write their own articles, and every day is not used to contribute. But because the scope is too broad, not professional, is nothing more than the Internet news, or is the so-called Internet dry cargo. [these dry cargo may not through practice, is the webmaster for submission of obscenity. [


Feng Dongyang seems to be the 2014 rise of the new Kai this show, with their own experience of many years of experience, has written a good article, rapid fire. Early blog may put Baidu Union, may be because some people point more, knot >

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