A new method to promote the small county website

to promote a new method of small town site


my Shanghe information network was officially registered in March 16, 2010, the first choice of the program is the use of ants 1.6 open source version of


as the saying goes, easy to promote web site construction site. I was such a way to promote my new website!

identified the domain name.Me shanghe.cc shanghe.com was registered, which is why I choose.Me domain name.

The official said that right


1 build several QQ group, Dora some local people! Go to the local county Post Bar propaganda is the best way! As long as you make people get into your group, the following will be easier! Allows them to release information about the supply and demand in the group, choose a boutique after entered his website


2 free shop law, to share their own domain names to those who have the integrity of the local businesses two. For example, qd.shanghe.me is the Shanghe free celebration! Give them 1 sites, and in your information online hang up their link! Believe those businesses are rushing to the free domain name! Who can not! Don’t think of money, learn to survive, the use of the site influence to expand the visibility, to the public, even can help businesses do free advertising, our purpose is to achieve the "user viscosity maintain normal operation of website".

3 production related promotional items, printed logo and vision of the words, the main town shop (shop all involved in tobacco sales must be equipped with computer), the student area, all relevant departments of government departments in the county issued.

4 to optimize their own site and the local information network to do the next link so that Baidu ranked discharge achievements!

release: www.shanghe.me Shanghe information network reprint copy copyright information

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