Piglet elements of user experience combined with SEO

user experience elements to see the 15 page, I feel in a word to taste, the effort to use fine place, would like to show a website to the user is also the case, the focus is on the details of the description. Feel the user experience and SEO as 2 different areas of the concept, but with a little bit of feeling faint, so when I was learning the user experience will have to consider this problem in SEO.

5 elements of the

user experience

: the presentation layer is a website display effect, composed of pictures and text, pictures can be clicked, it can also perform some functions, some picture is just a picture, do beautiful decorative effect.


framework layer: frame layer in the presentation layer under the table, button, DIV+CSS, photos, text area location, this is the layout optimization design, it can be said that the SEO layer and the association is great, when doing the optimization of key words, your practice will determine your ranking and overall beautiful site.

The structure of

layer: This is a very abstract level, is to determine how the user reaches a page, and let the user know the things done later can go, he defines the navigation arrangement, of course, the relationship between this level and SEO is that you do keyword order from to Jane, from the weight of high end. And your internal optimization is reasonable basis, will be reflected in this level.

scope layer: the embodiment of the structure layer is the scope of the planning, a website what function. What can be achieved, and so on, are at this level, of course, here and SEO should be very small.

strategic level: the scope and the most extensive level of thinking, the scope of the site is basically determined by the strategic level of the site. These strategies include not only what the operator wants from the site, but also what the user gets from the site. The definition of SEO can also be reflected in this level, what do you do? How to cooperate with the site, what to do with the long tail word, are considered at this level.

of course, clear the elements of user experience inside the SEO position, perhaps when designing your website in you, not blind to only care about rankings and flow, PV here has reflected a great step.

has 5 levels from the bottom up structure, the coordination of several levels is very strong, then the designers of the aspects of the relationship between confused words, will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble, let your users hate your site. Here I want to say SEO in application level, a lot of SEOER began to focus on the optimization and the framework layer, thus causing the conflict layer to beautiful, I always feel SEO and art can not be both recently discovered, in fact, the SEO focus on the structure layer to avoid. The conflict on the page to modify the key words in the note grasp and connection planning, so as to.

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