A5 financing briefing yevre technology handheld University two brigade received tens of millions o

1 people shop

investors: such as Sichuan capital

investment amount:

social retail ecosystem Daren store announced that it has recently received the capital of tens of millions of yuan, such as the capital of the Pre-A round of financing. This round of financing will be used to establish the base of supply chain manager, reserve and expansion team.


2 yevre technology

Investment: Jing Yuan capital lead investor, fund it real, active investment capital with

investment amount: 30 million yuan

Completed 30 million yuan Pre-A round of financing

yevre technology day before by Yuan Jing capital lead investor, fund it real, active capital with investment and financing will be used to expand new areas of cloud computing security, business security, provide information security service for enterprises.


3 palm University

Investor: Cerberus investment

investment amount: 10 million yuan

handheld university is a focus on the field of WeChat platform, it can help the user to the depth of the development of WeChat public interface platform, let WeChat campus platform check the timetable, search results, voting and other functions, the campus secondary school part-time. Recently, handheld university get tens of millions of dollars in a new round of financing, the investor is Cerberus investment.


4 no trip


Investor: Kunlun cell fund

investment amount: 50 million yuan

Beijing two Tour Culture Communication Co., Ltd. announced that it received the Kunlun trust fund cell fund B round of $50 million investment. Will be used to further consolidate its advantages in the global database of precision and artificial intelligence algorithm, open to more travel agencies.


5 small car

: Sea capital investment

investment amount: 10 million yuan

is Hainan’s largest new energy vehicle operators the second car to get "sea capital" million yuan A round of financing, and the left right micro bus, and other famous enterprises signed a multi technology from strategic cooperation, to build the ecological operation system of new energy vehicle in Hainan province.


6 goddess

Investment: Northern Light Venture Capital lead investor, Jingwei Chinese, a round of investment capital investment with China

investment amount: $18 million

February 16th, women’s clothing platform sharing rent goddess faction has completed $18 million A round of financing at the end of 2016, northern light venture capital lead investor, Jingwei Chinese, Fang Hua a round of investment capital, as well as a number of international fashion brand background.

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