How to join Baidu from the media

is now doing more and more from the media, and we have to look for some of the media from the platform to expand our field, in order to get more fans. Today, Shao Lianhu taught you for Baidu hundreds of media.

first step, Baidu search Baidu hundred, open their official website


second step, log hundreds of accounts, that is, Baidu account, there is no registration of a


third step, click to join the number 100


fourth step, select the media type, and then click add


fifth step, fill in the name of a hundred, signature and profile, must not have advertising information


sixth step, fill in the supplementary information, you can be your blog, website, column and WeChat public number, today’s headlines


seventh step, fill in the domain name, phone number, email address or other contact information, and then click submit


to this step Baidu hundred we have applied for success, and then wait, I was waiting for five days to pass the audit. After the audit, we can publish the article. Moreover, hundreds of articles included very fast, after all, Baidu’s own products.

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