Did you pass your title

we all know that this year since the media is very fire, many people use QQ space or other platforms as a platform to release information from the media, to build their own media from the road. WeChat subscription number believe that everybody is not strange, just two days ago a friend told me to talk about the subscription number reading, I found that many people are at the same time a lot of WeChat public subscription number, but the amount of reading the contents of the public number are not high, most of the time a lot of content subscription number can not be seen by the user. And I found that the biggest problem is the title of the article, if the user to see your title can not bring him to click or read the interest of your good content is also in vain.

I personally think that an article, if out of 100 points, then the title can be accounted for 60 points, while the content is only about $40. This time I do not want to ask: the title of the article passed it?

28 law we often hear, but also applies to a lot of places, I believe we can also use the 28 law. An article, ten people will have to look at the title of the article, and only two people will read the text of the article, so if we do not write the title, the loss of a large part of the user to read the amount of eight. This means that we in the days after the writing, we should spend at least half of the time in the title.

let me tell you how to write an attractive title.

a, the title is short and delicate

I found a lot of people write in the title of the article is written very long, and write the title did not highlight what content, this approach will allow users of boring, there is no clarity. I don’t know how many people know understand, understand I read some articles recently, his title of the article is very short, just a few words, but they are very clear, let people see at a glance.

Title example: is it good or bad to make weight loss plan?

Title Description: 1, this problem as a title is more likely to cause the reader’s interest; the 2, with this big vernacular as the title is more likely to attract the eye, just like chatting with the reader.

two, the title with a negative wording

is that people hate to be negative, negative will make people feel uncomfortable, and in the title of the article we use "no, no, ban" and other words, this article will generally get more share.

Title example: you have not done these, not to mention that he is a woman man

Title: the title is a good use of the negative word, causing the user’s attention, but also to the user in the article for those interested in.

three, title using digital

is very sensitive to the number, and the number of many times in our efficiency records, and the use of number in the title is a shortcut, the headline number is larger, the spread is wider, so we can use the digital in the title is not.

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