Why do not charge 200 users to pay the bill to send 500

weekend with his son to go out to play, there is a playground in a shopping district, there is a notice of the playground is a prepaid membership card discount: charge 300 to send a charge of 500 to send the full charge of 1000, sent to the charge of 200 to 500…… Son wanted to go in to play, so I asked the clerk: play once to give money, give me a membership card OK?.

paid 50 dollars to let his wife and son in, of course, membership card is not done. As a marketing person, see this way, the first feeling is not very reliable, guard Yuan Kun asked a few random parents next to friends, only one parent said to do a membership card, to the amusement park businesses, there is no smell smell what



charge 500 to send 200 users why not pay?

first let’s talk about membership card thing, we know that the membership card is to want to have a discount, ordinary users do not have the welfare right? But no matter is sufficient for 300 or 500 charge, in fact there is a question in the parents’ heart, our children really want to play 6 times, but 10 times? After 10 times after the free to play 4 times? This is the direct cause of a phenomenon, with the first scheduled next time consumption. If only to play this business district, if the move, if……

so, as a user is not necessary to do a membership card. Because this is a disguised form of strong buying and selling behavior, I just want a service, you let me buy 10 services, even if I was sent to the 10, I am not necessarily happy.

second questions come out, the minimum charge 300 to do membership card. Play once to give money, do membership card is not good. Guardian Yuan Kun that such a set is a very unreasonable phenomenon. A membership card cost is how much money? Surely just a few dollars, but we do membership cards got the customer’s name, mobile phone number and a series of information, the potential cost you have not noticed? And now more and more electronic membership card (such as WeChat membership card, membership card) the cost is 0.

is the best way to free membership card, can get the customer’s name and mobile phone number and other information, with these information even behind the marketing problems? To play once a money, send a membership card for the business and not what losses.

for businesses, we need to be more aggregation of users, better customer database. So it is best to allow more users to do membership cards, playing a full charge can also do a good membership card. We know that do not do the card is 50 yuan a time, if the customer to do the card, you can consume 20 percent off, of course, a discount of $10 will be returned to the next use of membership card. Only 6 times the return of the consumption of $60, compared to a charge of 300 return of 100, if the customer’s demand will be strong how to choose?

in fact, for businesses, it is necessary to want customers to consume, but it is not

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