Talking about the source of network hype

in this era of information explosion, if there is no feature, it will soon be flooded, the brand is good, star or, need to maintain freshness, and the best way is to use hype. Network hype can be a thing, also can be a person, or brand marketing occasion are also included. There are success and failure of speculation, want to plan a successful speculation, the most important thing is the content.

here is a summary of a word, the network hype winning tips is aging and fast. For example, some time ago, Zhang Liang Li Na produced female female, and Fan Bingbing published romance and other things, then the brand marketing occasion to hype the marketing content, as one falls, another rises, Durex and other brands of wire Gao Jie instantly set off the user forwarding and comment on the boom, let me have to admire the hard copy writer. In this desperate, creative hype, consumers will be in need of similar products immediately think of these businesses, shopping desire is sometimes so emotional.

of course, if it is planning the content of the network hype events also need to have news value, because only the media to participate in a large number of promotional content and more communication. Therefore, in the event of speculation when planning to consider these events with the recent hot there is no relationship, can attract the attention of the public, consider these aspects, the general will be able to attract media coverage. This will build a good campaign platform, is conducive to the spread of the next step.

at the same time, the network hype is more important to be creative. First, creative thinking can be done according to the target population. First of all, a product of their own consumer groups positioning, thinking about the target consumer’s attention and favorite content, to understand these, in order to be innovative content. Such as Durex, its location although extensive, but the content of whimsy let everyone marvel, and accurate. Regardless of the size of the hype marketing content, are very interesting, ubiquitous spoof is its creativity.

secondly, creativity can also be considered according to different needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs into five levels, are physiological needs, security needs, emotional attribution (social needs), esteem needs and self actualization needs, and you can see more and more high level. In general, the content itself to meet the customer’s physiological needs and security needs, then you need to meet the needs of other levels of creativity. So for what level of demand to do creative, but also need to determine the good.

for the network hype, many friends will say impossible every day fresh and fun events or ideas, how to do? It can learn from other similar companies or as long as they can and the goods together ideas can be utilized. Of course, but also by no means, do not copy.

in thinking about creative hype, the diversity of content can also be used. The content will always make consumers bored, choose several ways with just make each form appropriate good >

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