must have opened the wrong way Durex in the B station have done what

March 13, 2015, white valentine’s Day eve, Durex in the barrage of video sharing website Bilibili for the promotion of new products listed among AiR to create a new form of broadcast to the trailer, and the topic of vertical community spread to the use of the advertising content, listing to the target audience to promote the new product information, and promote Tmall starting products sales.


6:30 at night, Durex on the Bilibili is established between live video. The scene and plot video are very simple, with a Durex AiR logo vending machine, and a pair of standing waiting for the product launch of the couple, of which the actor is in micro-blog with funny famous foreigner @Mike sui. Countdown to the end of the three hour, the final sale of the product in the vending machine, then left the scene two. After that, there was a Tmall purchase link on the screen and the end of the announcement.


The Trailer [] rather nonsensical plot, in Bilibili station and micro-blog WeChat and other social media have triggered a discussion very enthusiastic and group of onlookers. B station live online between the number of people watching the peak of more than six thousand and five hundred passengers, a total of more than 20000 barrage, a barrage of live video playback volume reached four hundred and seventy thousand, and the B total station ranking high among the fifth.

in micro-blog, Durex official account publicity made a total of Wuqianwubaiyu forward good results, micro-blog famous hand piece @ Onono Imoko school Tucao forwarding capacity has reached nearly three thousand.


1) | March 13th holiday marketing release time node

the new release of the selected time node is quite special. Friday night, March 13th, white valentine’s day. No matter what kind of Valentine’s day, is Durex personal care brand carnival. Stepped on the time node launched innovative innovative products to solve the legitimate user pain points, but also easier to draw more attention.

at the same time, for the time, Durex in the traditional sense of the target user – lovers have been mostly on dates. And still active in the social media is more single. They have a certain degree of coincidence with the mainstream users of the B station two dimensional home, but also more sensitive to this kind of information and active, creating a good atmosphere for communication.

2) | vertical community was highly appraised and response, finally get the scale on the vertical transmission of

community in the vertical community

Bilibili is a China, and animation, game related barrage video sharing sites, or B station, the biggest feature is the real-time comment function is suspended in the above video – barrage. It focuses on the two dimension

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