How to quickly improve the site visits through hot events

for the new owners, after the establishment of the site, the end of the site, has been a matter of comparison. So we in order to the development of the site, how in a relatively short period of time, improve access to it?

I will combine some of my site to introduce some of their own experience. My site is now generally about 200 of daily visits VP, IP at around 70. Some time ago I know the hot events through everyone, my dad is Li Gang, in just three days to visit the site VP to upgrade to, IP to 713. Below I will be simple to introduce the operation process:


this is an article about the Li Gang incident,

Li Gang incident occurred in the evening of October 16th, the real major media reports I saw in October 18th -10 month 19 days, and this event will be a hot topic in the network, so in October 20th I published on the website of the "" my father is Li Gang "left us thinking", I visited the website VP up to 387, IP to 167 as below:


this is the daily visit to the site from October 20th to 24

to see the effect, in October 22nd, 23 days, 24 days and published articles "Li Qiming around the woman please stand up", "how to face his son Li Qiming tearful apology", "the father promised" not partial son "Enlightenment to us", it is this three articles from a different perspective to write the search engine ignited the enthusiasm in the major search engines as long as the search related words, I published articles will appear on the first page, even the first one, this is also true of the site visits to a new height, site visits in October 22nd, 23 days, 24 days are VP 1461, 1024, 476, 713, 584, IP is 240, after a long period of time, site visits are maintained at a high level, I think this rapid increase in network through hot events The purpose of the station is reached, I report on this hot event is a success.

below is the webmaster statistics on site statistics related information:


this is the website visits from October 20th to 24


this is from October 20th to 24, the site’s visit hours distribution map


this is part of the search key statistics table from October 20th to 24


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