Electricity supplier returns is the norm there is a start up company responsible for the return of

"returns will always be there, but there will always be people who want them."

Monday, Josh · is working in a warehouse in Optoro, Maryland. Photo Copyright: Jared Soares / New York Times

Christmas gift has been sent, the mysterious Santa Claus also ended his work.

now, it’s time for Optoro to start working. Return is also a traditional holiday shopping season, and the start-up company Optoro goal is to reduce the economic costs and environmental costs caused by the return.

according to the National Retail Federation (National Retail Federation) data, the total value of the goods return Americans last year amounted to $260 billion, compared to 5 years ago, rose 66%, of which 1/4 occurred in the return of the Christmas holiday shopping season.

with the surge in sales of electricity supplier and free return has become the norm, buyers returned merchandise this year than in previous years more — from Monday, is the first working day after Christmas, a new wave of commodity circulation again truly started.

but few buyers know, most of the merchandise returned never to return to the retail store shelves, but turn a circle in the liquidator, wholesalers and distributors, and finally into the landfill. According to some estimates, in the United States every year 2 million tons of returned goods (most of which are without any damage to the goods) were thrown away, enough to fill up to about 200000 garbage trucks.


Optoro is located in a warehouse in the city of Maryland, a pile of inventory. Photo Copyright: Jared Soares / New York Times

simply, for retailers, the return is not only a big loss, but also a large, and growing environmental burden.

"our current consumption patterns are unsustainable," said Tobin, chief executive officer of Optoro, · (Tobin Moore). This is a company that provides retailers with the ability to distribute, recycle, or donate returned goods. "We can’t keep throwing things, there’s a better way to deal with them."

Optoro is becoming a part of the reverse logistics industry, an industry that deals with returned goods in the United States, and is growing at the same pace as the rise of online sales.

space in this industry has also attracted the attention of investors. In December last year, Genco, the largest company in the reverse logistics industry, was acquired by FedEx, which was handled by Genco within a year

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