How to stand in different angles to promote the website

over the past two years, the momentum of the site can be used to promote the word to describe the "fierce". At the same time, the network promotion, website promotion, SEO, optimization, website construction and other aspects of the word more and more people familiar with.

now has a phenomenon, I believe many people may perceive, that is either a business or a company, or that individual or have love for themselves to build a website of their own, to show them in the network also have a block is where they belong. And more people can also find that the site has been more travel a trend, it is a trend. The most practical example, if I see a customer, when I handed my name card to each other, each other in my name card on a web site are not (of course should not see blog website is also website address), the other for the first time will think this guy is a little behind


although this idea does not represent all the people, but from this side is reflected in the network, especially the site has become a daily life, communication and other aspects occupy a very important part of. I have met a lot of customers, they rushed to ask us for them to build their own website, but in the process of communication with the customer will find that customers simply want to do, but even to what they have inside the site is not clear. A little better customers, you will know what kind of site you want to make, a little exaggeration of the customer, said to build a website can beat Taobao.


but usually in the construction site, they will be the first time to reflect, how my site in Baidu or above in Google can not find ah? Did you not help me do?! in fact, this problem I believe many of my friends have encountered, and really, sometimes suddenly do not know how to explain to them, because they know how to use Baidu, Google can, but do not know a website to appear in the search engine what to do.

usually good luck, search engines will be included on the site, as long as the input of a company or the company’s name can be found on the site links. But more often bad luck is the main reason, because they are more or less on the site search engine unfriendly place. And return to the beginning of the construction site, they did not expect to be able to find their web site in the search engine or to carry out the relevant network promotion, etc..

how do you stand in a different perspective on the promotion of


my own method is actually very simple, is to return to the beginning of their own learning network knowledge, learning to optimize the promotion of the mood above, the promotion of related things are very curious. However, curiosity to curiosity, but more to let the other side to understand what to do to optimize the promotion of what kind of benefits, after the optimization can be done to bring what kind of benefits.


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