The whole process of a successful marketing to meet during the Mid Autumn Festival

I want to go abroad, in the ideal you have purchased the ticket for good anti Xiang? For me this kind of homesick people, now in the anti Xiang journey, yes, this article is written in the train on the way back home. This want to borrow and write about feelings, write the affection on the train, but encountered ‘it’, and not by themselves holding a pen to write down. Maybe this is a habit of doing Internet for it, and maybe the train salesman brother really handsome, well, it is because this is a very good marketing case.

is sitting on the train, because the rush to go home to celebrate the festival, so did not grab tickets. I have 14 cars on this train, each car can sit 118 people, 118*14=1652, so the total number of passengers on the train is the 1652. From the point of view of train salesman, a car, there are 1652 potential customers. So the question is, how do you deal with these passengers into their own users? How to improve the conversion rate? Let’s look at how I met the train salesman is how to do it.



train sales in the carriage for passengers to joke about, but are cold jokes about socks, to speak for ten minutes, the car full of passengers all laughed, then he’s really got out of socks. We see light suddenly, oh! You’re selling socks. Socks are very cheap, ten yuan and three pairs, in accordance with the general inertia of thinking, do not feel cheap no good goods? Yes, I think so! The quality of a pair of socks for three dollars is certainly not good. But the train pulled down sales brother of successful behavior to dispel the concerns of the passengers.

he began to do activities and passenger interaction, is to use the socks socks after pulling the tug of war, see will not deformation, will not damage. He first found the girls, because the train sales strength is relatively large, so the two sides in the "tug of war" in the process, directly to the girl pulled up from the seat, then got full compartment laugh. Then he added "girl’s strength is too small, try out this quality socks, we find a man ‘, then he found a middle-aged male passenger, the two sides in the" tug of war "in the process of the role of socks in the two shares of the continuous pull can be pulled out after the river, but the surprise that is, the pair of socks and socks, not broken, broken. As a result, the train salesman in this way successfully dispel the doubts of passengers. I like to focus on Taobao customers to promote Taobao customer training business hall official chatted about such marketing practices, he also gave a thumbs up.

I finally figured it out, the train salesman in our car sold nearly 28 pairs of socks, a car of about 118 people, the conversion rate is almost at the top and bottom of the 25%. Next, we will estimate the next train through his sales. 28*10*14=3920 yuan, the figure is not large, but it is worth considering. So, through a real case above

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