Observe the WeChat public number Feng Dahui and hearsay story


(Figure 1: Feng Dahui)


(Figure 2: "hearsay" wonderful pictures)

DoNews May 22nd news (reporter Xiang Shuang) has nearly 400 thousand fans at sina micro-blog Fenng (DXY technical director Feng Dahui), now also operates a subscriber has the most personal WeChat public number "hearsay".


to launch "bid" to attract users attention, to the stage with a unique perspective to meet the needs of users, Feng Dahui operation "hearsay" subscription more than 100 thousand users, even higher than many professional media attention, star celebrity public account. Feng Dahui believes that adhere to a different voice, perhaps is the "know-how of hearsay".

Feng Dahui "hearsay" motivation from two aspects.

first, micro-blog platform is too large noise, many content is not suitable for micro-blog by way of foreign speech, and WeChat for information to do better in isolation, each reader is living users, can accurately realize point-to-point communication.

second, WeChat public numbers to establish a relatively independent channel, on this platform can say what they want to say, to avoid excessive bickering and interference.

operation for half a year, "hearsay" push content is no longer confined to the circle of Internet rumors and broke the news, more of a life experience, Feng Dahui entertainment thinking etc.. For example, after the popular movie "Youth", Feng Dahui will tell readers to talk about their university days; apply to the telecom customer service to solve the problem, he will experience to write their own rights.

"hearsay" is no longer a day out surprises, rumors and gossip, is more like a friend on the side, look at the time point of view, absorb something new in your need, with your road.

Feng Dahui said, looks great span of content, in fact, to meet the different groups of readers. "I’m not a day to send it can only meet part of hearsay, the curiosity of people, more and more people expect me to bring them some content on their own. My content must be unique, others are talking about things I will not join the fun".

Feng Dahui is also very concerned about the layout of the article and WeChat pictures, which also confirms the Internet era typical aesthetic concept, content and design is exquisite, are indispensable. "Hearsay" every time the picture has a matching text. Impressive pictures appear constantly, such as Sina micro-blog in writing the Alibaba investment, "hearsay" of the title is "the other shoe to drop" picture is Cao Guowei, Huang Xiaoming and other celebrities surrounded by self, the cold side of the Ma on the sidelines, meaningful.


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